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Communication Training 

Whether you want a group experience or one-to-one coaching, our training is action-orientated. 
Our priority is always to give you the practical tools you need to implement everything that’s included in our training package. 
Chris Nairne personally researches and delivers most of the Tesserae Communications training and is available for two weeks after the training to answer any questions you might have. 

Bespoke training packages 

Each package starts with a specific set of objectives and all the participants will be able to add their own goals. 
All of our training sessions are lively and engaging and will include practical examples, case studies and interactive sessions. Each participant will receive a delegate pack and, before the end of the session, will create their own action plan. 
We will hold a follow-up session, normally four to six weeks after your training is complete, to make sure that the training objectives have been met and to recommend any follow-up actions. 
Contact us to discuss communication training on: 
Crisis and Reputation Management 
How to Build Your Brand 
House Style 
Managing Messages 
email chrisn@tesseraecomms.co.uk 
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