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Communications audit 

A professional communications audit is a great way to give your business a ‘Spring Clean’ – at any time of year. 
Your audit can include everything from your quotation and invoice templates to your email styles, marketing materials and website. 
You’ll be amazed at what we’ll notice with our trained eye and experience of what will work best. 
We’ll check your branding, your messages and the consistency of your communications. 
You will receive a straightforward summary of what we find along with recommendations on changes you might like to make. 
If you would like us to deliver these changes for you, we can guarantee fast, professional and cost-effective services. 

Brand management 

By regularly reviewing five key elements of your brand, you can gain a useful picture of where you are and the areas that you can develop. The more people you involve, the clearer the picture will be. 
Our approach is different to anything you might have done before. 
It involves just twenty key statements. The first part of the exercise can be completed in just five minutes. 
We’ll advise you about the people who will help you gain a clear, in-depth understanding of your brand. You can include as many people as you like, from 
all your staff and customers through to small, targeted focus groups. 
We analyse your feedback and give you an overall picture of the views of the people who are important to your success. Based on our knowledge of your business, we will make recommendations that can be easily put into practice over a three-month period. 
We will repeat the survey every three months and give you recommendations about what you can do next. 
You can literally watch your business’s brand take shape. 

Communications planning 

With new information about your communications channels and brand, we can create a plan to fill any gaps and to build your reputation. 
If you have new goals and want to enter new markets, we will create a comprehensive plan for that too. 
Normally you will have a rolling three-month plan and longer-term goals. 
The plan is carefully structured to make sure that we work together in an ‘implement, review and amend’ cycle that will really deliver results. 

It’s never too soon to start, so get in touch today on 01832 279630 or email chrisn@tesseraecomms.co.uk 

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