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We are always happy to share useful tips and ideas and to give away all sorts of materials and templates that you might find useful. 
Just let us know if there's something you would like to see. Follow our blog for updates. 
Visit our services page to see how we can help you to plan, deliver and manage your communications. 
We really want to share our passion for communications and the difference it can make to your success. 
That's why we are always busy creating free, easy to use resources for you. 
We're updating them all the time, so make this page one of your favourites. 

PR and media ressources 

Planning and delivering effective public relations activities and campaigns can be time-consuming. We have years of experience in creating great stories and concepts that will really interest the media and engage communities. See some useful templates and advice here. 
We are always interested in challenging PR projects and we are happy to deliver in-house training too, so please get in touch. 

Communications planning resources 

All businesses can benefit from a communications strategy and plan. It’s the foundation of your reputation. It will help to keep you on track and to review all your communications. 
Your plan could include internal communications with your employees, communications with the people who will help you to succeed, marketing communications and PR. 
Find out how to answer six key questions and how to create  
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Subscribers can ask us to create new material too, in case there’s something you need.  If there's anything that you want to know simply call on 01832 279630 or 07733 033659 or email chrisn@tesseraecomms.co.uk 

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