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Tesserae communications was founded by Chris Nairne who has experience in the private, public and charity sectors. 
She created Tesserae Communications because she believes good communication is essential to inform, involve and engage the people who are important to your success. 
The range of opportunities we have today to talk together and listen means that the world of communication has never been more exciting. 
Her expertise includes: 
creative writing for all purposes and audiences 
strategic analysis and planning 
communications planning and delivery corporately, internally, externally and for projects 
media relations 
communications measurement 
website design and delivery 
crisis and emergency communications 
budget planning and management 
stakeholder and community engagement 
digital communications 
team building and leadership 
coaching and mentoring. 
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Why tesserae? 

Well, it's a great word, isn't it? 
But it's more than that. 
It really sums up what we do and why we believe it is important. 
Back in the early 1990s Chris’s business was called 'Mosaic Marketing Communications'. Based on her experience in research and IT environments, Mosaic Marketing Communications was all about making complicated ideas easy to understand, so that customers and stakeholders could see the big picture. 
That hasn't changed. A lot of other things have. 
Two decades ago, a personal computer on every desk top was still just an idea for most organisations. 
Websites were still the domain of CERN and other super specialised research establishments and were just finding their way into the financial sector. Mark Zuckerberg was still learning Atari Basic with his dad and was a good few grade papers away from Harvard, let alone launching Facebook. It would take more than another decade for Jack Dorsey to make that famous little sketch in his notebook for a social network that would grow up to become Twitter. 
Today, with all the new channels and types of content that we can use to communicate, each small piece of interesting and engaging information we share builds the big picture in exciting new ways.  
That's why it made sense that name this enterprise after the small tiles that are used to create mosaics - tesserae
After Mosaic, Chris became involved in public services where transactional websites were making a real difference to customer service and efficiency. She then moved into the charity sector where stakeholder engagement and fundraising increasingly rely on online activity. 
These days everyone knows that they should use social media to engage professionally and with all sorts of communities as well as personally - don't they? There's no doubt that we need to be 'present'. If we are not connecting with people using social media we can limit the reach of our reputation. 
But do we really know how to integrate all of these new opportunities into our communications plans? This challenge is really interesting and exciting. 
If we were spending time and money on direct mail, for example, we would set objectives and measurements and expect to see a worthwhile return on our investment. We must do the same with all the channels we use. 
The Tesserae team will work with you to build a new approach that makes sure all your information is rich and deep; writing your story in a really engaging way and using the best channels available to you, leading to real benefits. 
Together we can create exciting content that will lead to more meaningful and useful interactions with people who are important to your success. 

So, let's get started....call Chris on 01832 279630 or email chrisn@tesseraecomms.co.uk 

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