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Copywriting and content creation coaching 

You’ve come to the right place if you want to be  
more confident with your word craft. 
Do you spend too long writing and re-writing emails because they just aren’t ‘quite right’? 
Is there an inner creative writer, struggling to get out? 
Are you considering a career in writing? 
We can help. 

We’re always improving our writing skills 

When you are taught basic writing skills at school, it’s simply a starting point. Throughout our lives we all need to write for all types of people in many ways. That’s normal. 
From your childhood ‘thank you’ letters at Christmas to technical work-based reports or those astringent complaint letters – there are many occasions when we must think carefully about how we put words together and, more importantly, the impact they will have
Feeling a little out of your depth and unsure where to start is an experience we all have. 

Easy ways to improve your writing 

After many years of working with words, we’ve seen all sorts of challenges and have tried plenty of different ways to solve practical problems. 
You can be reassured that your challenges have been faced by plenty of other people. 
We know that everyone is different and your objectives are the important thing. 
You can start with an easy introductory session that is tailored to your needs. You will receive advice, professional tips, and suggestions to test your skills. 
You can work at your own pace and there’s never any pressure to do more than you want. 
Here are just some of the writing workouts we cover: 
Learning to love letters – we don’t receive many letters these days, but when we do, they are important. 
Extreme emails – learn professional tips to structure emails so that they are clear and effective. 
Beautiful blogs – so many people feel they should be sharing their knowledge in a blog, but don’t know where to start or how to keep going. 
Websites that work – while your website needs to be technically excellent and beautifully designed, the words you include will be responsible for at least half of your visitors, so it’s worth spending some time to make sure you have chosen the right ones. 

How it works 

We have an initial discussion about your word craft goals 
We have some fun in an initial two-hour face to face training session (group sessions are an option) 
You experiment with some exercises that we agree at the end of your session 
Optionally, we can book another session to review your new skills together and to move on to the next level. 
Start your journey in words today. 
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