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Like aa mixing desk a communications manager helps you keep everything in tune.
When people ask I usually say: “I’m a storyteller for business”, but also that I’m a copywriter, communications manager and consultant. I’ve become a virtual comms manager for some of my clients over the years, so it’s worth explaining what it means. 

Comms Manager: job description 

According to indeed.com, ‘A communications manager bridges the gap between the organisation and its audience through various platforms.’ 
It also invloves planning, implementing, monitoring, and revising of all the channels of communication within an organisation and between organisations. 

The human aspect 

A recent BBC article on communication in the workplace has noted: ‘as a business grows, maintaining an effective level of communication becomes increasingly difficult’. 
You get busy and have to focus on the things that increase revenue – we understand this. 
When people ask what it is that we do a Tesserae we usually say we cover a lot of aspects of business. We cover a lot of people’s businesses too. 
We stop your website and your content sounding like soulless. We want it to sound like you talking to your client, with your voice and your communication style. We want it to reflect your vision and mission – loud and clear. 

Key messages and platforms 

When you started your business, you did it for a reason, right? A belief and a message you wanted to share. Or a certain THING you want your clients to know about you or what you can do for them. 
A communications manager’s job is to identify and recognise the best ways or places to pass on those key messages o. That might be LinkedIn, Facebook, X or Instagram or TikTok. It might be some direct mail or printed advertsising. It depends on your goals. 

Tone of voice 

Tone of voice is everything. 
It doesn't matter whether you're based purely online or a brand that covers both online and in-person sales and interactions. You want what you are doing and saying to match up with all your communications. You and what your your clients see and hear should be consistent. A communications manager understands this and makes sure your communications capture your brand's essence
It is after all about your brand, your success, and your growth. 


There's nothing wrong with changing the types of messages that you are sending out to your audience. We understand that as you grow personally and professionally, your business will naturally change. What a communications manager aims to do is to consistently capture the essence of you – wherever you are in your journey. 


The algorithms. The dreaded algorithms. 
Whether it's passive or purposeful we all do some scrolling online. It might be before the mad rush of the day or the quiet lull after dinner and before bed. 
This is huge opportunity for communications managers to deliver targeted content. Continuity is key. Not everyone enjoys social media, but timed and consistent posts can reach people who are important to your business. They can generate leads which lead to success. 
If your ideal customers don't use social media, a communications manager can help you identify where they will be looking and how they need to receive the information you have for them. 

And finally… 

To round up – a communications manager is your one stop shop for your business communications. 
If you need a website written for you – that’s us. 
Timed social media posts announcing your newest stock or latest news – that’s us. 
If your need magazine articles, news releases, awards entries and brochures - that's us too. 
If it's someone to manage your phones and email replies because you are out and about and can’t be in eight different places at once, that's not really us. But we know someone who can do that too. 
If you need help or advice from a communications manager, please get in touch. 
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