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Clear messages are a goft for your customers
Tell your audience something they didn’t know already, and you will be giving them a gift. 
Perhaps you already knew that, but if you give your readers the gift of some new information it will reward them for the time they invest in pausing to read your carefully crafted words. 
Facts can make a real difference too. Here’s very practical example: 

Changing patient behaviour in the NHS 

Each missed hospital appointment costs the NHS almost £160 and as many as 400,000 new appointments are missed each year (almost 8% of the total). 
According to the NHS in Wales, 1.5 million outpatient appointments were missed in the past five years, costing about £240million. 
One solution would be to send patients text reminders on their smartphones about their appointments. Assuming just 20% of patients signed up for this service, up to 400,000 missed appointments could be avoided, potentially saving £64 million. 

Facts improve storytelling 

Facts improve storytelling, helping readers to form opinions that can help them make decisions. 
Facts and evidence help people to feel informed about a subject and then they can get really involved in the story you are telling them. Then they will read on. 
That decision might be to get in touch with you, to enquire about your service or to buy your product. 

You might be surprised just how interesting you are 

Try out a few facts about who you are and what you do with friends and colleagues and see how many say: “That’s really interesting; I didn’t know that”. 
What would catch the interest of your customers or employees? 
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