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Books aren't the only way to tell great stories
Every business that wants to create a powerful and lasting brand needs to be an outstanding storyteller. 
Telling stories is a natural and very human thing to do. People relate easily to stories and they are essential to effective communication. 
Great storytelling delivers… 
Storytelling can be at the heart of your brand – who doesn’t know the story of Apple
Storytelling can turn your marketing strategy into an experience rather than a process. 
Most importantly, storytelling engages people, building interest and loyalty. 
So why do so few businesses make it a priority? 
Why clarity matters 
Many organisations invest heavily in developing a mission, vision and values. However, very few then translate all that hard work into reality. They don’t tell stories about how these corporate building blocks look, sound and feel in the real world. 
Of course, to tell a good story, you need to be clear. This is often the first hurdle, and many many businesses fail right here. 
The difficulty, as any storyteller will explain, is that you need to see things from your audience’s point of view. You need to give context, have a clear narrative and a rewarding conclusion. It’s even better if your story has an inspirational hero. 
The business case for storytelling 
Once a business takes this approach, marketing becomes more coherent, purposeful and engaging. 
Companies that share clear purpose and values with their stakeholders outperform their competitors’ stock prices by a factor of 12 and profitability increases *
There’s also something very compelling about businesses that are clearly associated with a person, like Richard Branson, for example. It is much easier to believe in brand values that are associated with a person rather than a company. 
How to be heard 
In a world that is quickly becoming overwhelmed with content, the quiet and secure environment of a well–told story is a great way to capture and keep people’s attention. 
Telling a good story is one of the best ways to differentiate your business in the market and increase profits. 
Storytelling also connects us intellectually and emotionally and helps us make sense of the world. Businesses that explain their challenges and difficulties as well as their successes are defining themselves in ways that people will understand and relate to. 
Long-term brand loyalty is created when vision is converted into an engaging story using an effective and heartfelt narrative. 
Case studies are a great way to share your story, so take a look at our templates and our half-price case study offer. 
*John Kotter and James Heskett - Corporate Culture & Performance 
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