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Your website is the best way to connect with the people who are important to your success, so it really needs to make the right impression. 

Setting the tone 

Businesses that embrace the things we have learnt in the last few years will be more resilient and successful in the future. 
Health protection measures, social distancing and the economic impact of the pandemic have made a difference to how we relate to each other, and have made our personal and emotional responses equally, if not more, important than ever before. 
Now is a great time to review the vision, mission and values for your business. Take a fresh look and what you’re aiming to achieve and what’s important. This will help you to review all your communications and especially your website. 
It’s also a very good time to give your site a visual makeover too. Take a look at it with fresh eyes to see if you can do some decluttering and reorganise your navigation to make the important things really easy to find. 

Treat your employees like new recruits 

While the statistics experts, Statista, found that nine out of 10 people would recommend working from home to a friend, not everyone will have found it a positive experience. On the other hand, The Great Resignation has shown us that people are reassessing their work-life balance. 
Some people might have enjoyed virtual meetings and believe they have been more productive working from home. In contrast, others might have found the experience draining, frustrating and difficult to manage. If you were surprised to find that working remotely was more successful than you expected, don’t assume everyone else feels the same
If you are considering changing the way you work, be sure to consult your employees beforehand. 
Share messages on your website about how you and your employees are embracing change and are ready to deliver outstanding customer service

Welcome your customers like friends 

While you might be worried about turnover and cashflow, it’s important to remember that we have all been on personal journeys recently. 
Before getting ready to give your sales a boost, make sure you give people a boost of positive energy. 
Create a page on your website that explains how you are helping customers, employees and the community in a post-coronavirus world. Share images and videos that tell people that you are a ‘people first’ organisation. 
If you are planning promotions make sure they are relevant and that your customers feel they are good value for money. If they fit with the products or services you provide, they will be relevant and helpful without being intrusive . 
Give some thought to how people are feeling, as well as what they are doing. Send them individually wrapped tea bags or energy bars to help them start the week on a Monday or share useful advice about how to feel good and do things differently an a Friday. 
Please give us a call if you would like some advice about how to give your website the ‘wow!’ factor this summer. 
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