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Like a quality old suitcase a good case study makes your business stand out in a crowd.
If you’re looking for an engaging way to share the good news about your business, then a case study could be just what you’re looking for. 
Tell me a story… 
We all like stories – especially ones about real people and places. So, the case study offers something that is difficult to resist. As long as it is well written there will be a beginning (what the situation was – about 25% of your study), a middle (how you understood the customer’s needs and met them – about 50%) and a happy ending (how things are now – the final 25%) – so people will want to read on. 
Best of all, your story will be unique to you and your customer. It will be type of information people will want to see before deciding to get in touch with you. 
The proof of the pudding 
We know our strengths, and we shouldn’t be too shy to tell people about them. But what’s even better is when someone else tells people what we’re good at. 
You’re not asking your customers for a testimonial or an endorsement although these are valauble too. You are just asking them to say how they felt about working with you. 
In all honesty you probably won’t approach a customer for a case study if the whole experience for them and you was pretty unhappy. But if you hit some bumps along the road and resolved them well together this makes a case study all the more interesting. 
If you and your customer worked really well together you would probably like to have some more similarly minded people to do business with. Your customer will tell their story in a way that will appeal to new customers who are like them. 
A strong case study will also be good for your customer too, showing that they are proactive and professional. 
A lot of information in a few words 
You can pack a lot in to 400 to 600 words. You can explain what types of needs you meet, with concrete and sector-specific examples. You can explain how you work and what that feels like for a customer. Then you can explain the benefits of your product or service by describing the improvements your customer has achieved. 
Ideal online 
Not many people are going to read a lot of pages on your website, but they may very well linger over your case studies. You need meaningful titles so readers can tell if they’re relevant. You might also want to group them into different market sectors, depending on your business. 
You can promote your case studies on social media too and bring more traffic to your website. 
Search engine friendly 
Case studies will always include the types of keywords that help websites rank higher on Google, because they will be talking about the specific product or service used to solve a problem. That’s so much easier and more interesting that labouring over a landing page to squeeze in as many key words and phrases as possible. 
Please get in touch today of you would like to share more good news about your business. 
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