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I have never met a business that isn’t interesting. 
It’s true. 
Creating and running a business is hard work. You do it because you’re really passionate about what you do, so tell people about it. 
Of course, people need to know what you do, and why working with you is a good choice for them. 
But they also want to feel good about working with you, and that means they want to know what you’re like, as well as what you do. 
Where do I start? 
Can you remember when you first started to think about starting your business? 
What was the seed of an idea that grew until you couldn’t ignore it anymore? 
That’s something people would like to know about. It will help them appreciate what’s really special about your business. 
It will show them what motivates and inspires you. 
Importantly, it will also help to attract people who are similar to you – and they will be a pleasure to work with. 
The scary stuff isn’t really that scary 
If you read business books, listen to podcasts or watch videos about how to start a business, there will normally be something about your vision, mission and values (VMV)
Even so, it’s surprising how many businesses start without these things in place. 
In many cases, it’s because it seems pretty scary. This is all some type of ‘management speak’ after all, isn’t it? 
In fact, it’s as simple as writing down your germ of an idea (your vision), how you are going to turn it into a reality (your mission) and how you’re going do it (your values). 
Once you’ve written these things down, you can use them to help others to understand you. 
As your business grows, you can also look back at your VMV to make sure you’re still heading in the right direction. 
What news should I share? 
Every time you do something that takes you a step closer to achieving your vision, tell people about it
It might be opening an office, showroom or store. It could be the successful completion of a project. 
When you do something that makes you proud, it will probably be because it reflects one of more or your values (they could be things like great customer service, outstanding value for money or top-quality solutions). 
This is a great time to share what you’ve done and why it’s so good. That’s not boasting, that’s just showing people that you live up to your values. 
If you’re raising funds for charity or supporting a local good cause, that shows you’re a good neighbour too. Make sure you tell people why you do it. 
Why does sharing news matter? 
Unless your business is truly unique there will be others out there who do very similar things. 
You will help people to make a choice by showing them what you’re like, as well as what you do. 
People like to do business with someone they feel that can understand and trust. 
Please get in touch if you would like some help to start sharing all the great things you do in your business. 
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