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One of the big benefits of high-quality business communications is the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field. 
If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be running your own business. 
As we head into a new year, why not share some predictions about your business sector for 2019? 
You can be frivolous or challenging – it’s up to you. 
You can look back on trends from the last year and suggest where they could lead us. 
Then, this time next year, you can review your predictions and discuss what you got right and what didn’t go as expected. 
This approach is a gift for content creation and is one of the foundations of a good content strategy. 
Strategic content 
Yes, we know we should all be sharing online and on social media platforms if we want to build trust in our brand. 
Sadly, it can be very easy to get lost is the complexity of what to share, where and when. 
That’s why a strategic approach to your content is important. 
That might sound a little daunting, but in reality it means being purposeful. 
Your purpose 
Everyone will have different objectives. It’s important to think about what you want people to take away from your content. 
Of course, there will be information, but you will also create an impression – which could be long-lasting. 
Your personal postings are about you and your everyday life, shared with people you know. You will probably keep your posting private and you will expect all sorts of positive feedback. 
Your business postings will be public and will be about you as a professional, so it’s important that they are separate. 
If you are a consultant, then you will still give your personal and professional views, but in a different context. 
If you provide services you will need to focus on the benefits you provide and the knowledge you have. 
Only about one in ten of your posts should be selling messages. 
You might get some robust and possibly aggressive responses. These responses are directed to you professionally rather than personally, but it can be hard to see it that way. 
We have seen some people say things online that they would never say if you were standing in front of them in a public forum. 
This is part of the challenge of using blogs and social media to build a business reputation. 
Being clear about what you want to achieve will help you plan and deliver valuable content and to respond appropriately when you get challenging responses – which you will from time to time. 
The plan is key to success 
We started off by talking about predicting what’s ahead and then reviewing if you were right. This gives you key dates on your content calendar. 
If your business is seasonal, you can include relevant messages for each month or season. 
If you provide professional services you could comment on the news stories or annual cycles of events. 
With a clear idea of the impression you want to make, you will probably surprise yourself by how much of your content you can plan in advance. That will make it much easier to put aside some time to create and share it. 
So why not make 2019 your year of content? 
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