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There is one certain way to improve the performance of your business. Listening. 
The Greek philosopher Epictetus is said to be the first to observe: “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” 
Whether you want to impress your customers or engage your employees. it’s a good principle. 
So, how do you make sure you are listening? 
Let’s start with your employees: 
Do you regularly meet your employees to hear what they have to say? 
Do you have a staff suggestion scheme with rewards and recognition for good ideas to improve your business? 
Do you encourage your employees to share good practices and highlight what could be done differently? 
In any business of any size it’s easy to overlook the importance of building shared team values and mutual support. However this is how you will exceed your customers’ expectations. 
By creating strong and trusted internal channels of communication where you are listening more than telling, you will improve the performance of your business. 
Why? You will impress your customers. 
When your team knows and understands your business, your values and your goals they will be able to respond in the best possible way to your customers. 
Your members of staff are your ambassadors – inside and outside the workplace. They are, in fact, your best marketing tool and your top product. 
When your customers receive high quality service from people who are informed, involved and engaged in your business they will want to come back for more. 
When your team is encouraged to share what they learn by working with your customers every day then your business will continually learn and grow. 
If you are looking for a way to improve your business – and who isn’t? - then make internal communication a priority. 
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