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There are plenty of letters and words out there to choose from? 
You can just pick a few for your business and it will be fine – you don’t need a copywriter – do you? 

Four reasons why your business will benefit from a good copywriter 

save you time and money 
create compelling and effective stories 
make a difference to your business reputation and brand 
provide fresh insights that will engage your customers. 
So, now you're convinced, what's the best way to make sure your copywriter will deliver on these promises? 
The answer is to give them an effective brief

The power of an effective creative brief 

The list of creative professionals who can help improve your business reputation and brand is a long one – including writers, designers, website builders, and photographers. 
You will have a much more productive relationship with all of them if you start with a clear brief. 
So, what does that entail? Some pundits would have you believe that there is an extensive – perhaps even endless – list of things you should include. 
To be honest, that’s not always helpful. It really is possible to give too much information. Any good creative professional will know the questions they need to ask, but if you start out with a clear brief in your mind, the process will be a lot easier – and quicker. 
Another sign of a good creative professional is that, after discussing your requirements, they will offer to confirm in writing what you have agreed and to give you a quote on that basis. 
However, we still recommend that you provide written requirements in advance of your initial discussion. Afterwards, if you need to, amend it and send it on to them. 
Why? Because it puts you in control of the process. It will confirm what you expect to receive and what you expect to pay. 
When you receive your quotation, check that it covers all the things you have asked for and query anything that isn't clear, before confirming that you want to go ahead. 
You will need to be aware of extra costs. For example, make sure you check how amendments to the first and second drafts (if needed) of your written material will be charged. A good professional should include this in the original quotation and should say so. 
A designer should be clear that all the costs of producing ‘print-ready’ artwork for a brochure are included in the cost. 
A photographer should say how many images are included and what any additional images will cost. To avoid any doubt, make sure your contract with them confirms assigns the copyright ro you for any photographs they take on your behalf. 
Unfortunately we meet a lot of people who didn’t provide a written brief and, in some cases, didn’t get a quote in advance or confirm verbally what was to be included. This is where misunderstandings can arise and disappointment can quickly follow. 
Please do get in touch if you would like a copy of our briefing document template, which is part of our ‘Really easy’ series. You might want to add to it and change it, but we always find it is a good place to start. 
Just let us know it you need any advice on how to use the template or about anything for your specific project.  
We will be happy to help. 
There’s nothing that upsets us more than to hear about people who have been disappointed with the service they have received from other professionals. 
Happy briefing! 
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