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Guest Blog by Steve Axtell of it’seeze Northampton and Bedford 
This is a bit of leading question really because what is success? 
Success to one person could be high Google rankings whereas to another it might be about business profiling. Depending on the lifecycle of a business you may be building your tribe or you may be selling online and relying on this income stream as part of your overall profits. 
Whatever success online means to you, your website should be delivering it. 

So, what can be done to achieve your online goals? 

There are a number of facets to your website which need to be taken into consideration. 
On a technical level the site needs to work! Seems obvious doesn’t it? 
However, you need to keep on top of this to make sure both the search engines and visitors to your site aren’t disappointed. 
What happens when you move between pages? 
Are videos in your website operating correctly 
Is there unnecessary movement within the pages when you scroll 
Are all the external and internal links working? 
All of this can affect ‘user experience’ or UX as it’s known. A link that doesn’t work or something that appears to be a link but isn’t can actually be an annoyance. With all of the competition out there you want your website to be the best it can be. 
Have you seen website navigation with drop down menus where some of the ‘first pages’ are just structural links and others are actually clickable pages? Is this a design error or is something broken…either way, it doesn’t look right. 
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So is website design important? 

The simple answer is yes! 
Imagine a broadsheet newspaper that wasn’t broken up into readable sections, with no images and no headings to draw your attention. It would be a pretty tough read and this is why design is so important. The same applies to your website. Breaking up pages into chunks of information with supporting images and styling that draw in the viewer is critical to getting and holding their attention. 
We must also consider ‘learning styles’. Some people love to read whilst others would prefer to listen to information or watch a video. Wherever possible alternative ways of giving information should be considered. 
Something that can also be missed is the ‘call to action’ or CTA. Whatever the reason for your website you will want people to interact with it, complete a form, press a button, or buy something. It’s important to have clear CTAs which are repeated, not so many that they will be annoying but not so few that they could be missed. Oh, and don’t forget to put them in the right places...easy right? 

So, a successful website is all about coding and design right? 

The not so simple answer is no! 
Coding and design matter when it comes to getting found and appealing to your audience once found but there’s a key ingredient that is sometimes taken for granted….words! 
The content is a key ingredient when it comes to search engines and visitors to your website and it’s all too easy to write content which is fact based (which it needs to be, by the way) but doesn’t appeal to your audience or the search engines. This is where professional copywriting comes in as it can make the world of difference in a saturated market. 

So which are the most important things to consider when creating a website? 

The answer is everything that you’ve read so far, and more besides. 
Steve Axtell on the right is from it’seeze Northampton-Bedford

About Steve Axtell of it’seeze Northampton-Bedford 

Steve, (shown here on the right) has over 30 years of sales, marketing and business development experience in the corporate arena. He brought his knowledge to bear in his own website and online marketing business, which started trading in 2010. 
He's always on hand to give help and advice, and to provide highly acclaimed it’seeze websites to businesses in Northampton, Bedford, Newport Pagnell, Olney and surrounding areas. 
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