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It isn’t too soon to make post-coronavirus preparations for your business. 
After all, who says you can’t get a haircut online? 
In these strange times hairdressers and barbers are now giving online haircutting tutorials to help people to cut their own and each other’s hair. 
Are they at risk of going out of business? It’s very unlikely. 
Once people realise just how much skill is needed to cut hair well, they will be rushing back to the people who gave them good advice. 
You can do the same for your business, whatever it is. 

What do people need during covid-19 lockdown? 

If you are currently unable to provide your normal products or services, give some thought to how your customers are managing without them. This is the first rule of good business communication – look at things from your customer’s point of view
If you provide a cleaning service, send your customers advice about how to prioritise their cleaning tasks, the best products to use and tips of the trade to make it easier for them until you can start cleaning for them again. You could even consider sending your clients a handy pack of essential cleaning products to keep them going. 
Make the advice you provide useful and they will appreciate the help you are providing. They will have an even better understanding of your knowledge and skills and the value to provide to them. 

Reimagining your services for customers 

This is another important skill to help keep your customers engaged. 
Whatever you currently provide to your customers might not be useful to them at the moment. 
Naturally you will be concerned that, in the longer term, they could decide that they don’t need what you offer at all. 
Alternatively, you can reimagine what you do to meet their needs now and in the future. 
So, for example, if you provide massage treatments for relaxation, stress relief or to ease pain, spend some time checking each client’s requirements and create a bespoke package or self-help measures and products that they can use. 
Why not offer video calls to explain how they can do simple stretches or exercises and how they can use practical aids? 
For the time-being, your service might encourage and support self-help at home and could even become a new part of your business moving forward. 

Take the first steps for post-lockdown 

It’s natural in crisis situations to wait to make important decisions until you have definite information. That’s why many businesses will wait to find out when some of the current restrictions might be lifted, before contacting their clients. However, businesses that take the initiative now will recover more quickly. 
You will already have valuable information to hand to assess what your customers’ immediate priorities are likely to be and to start planning how you will be able to help them. 
Encourage your customers to book their first appointments or deliveries for one, two or three weeks after restrictions are lifted – however long it will take for you to be ready. 
Take time to develop clear explanation of how you will be able to meet their most urgent needs. Create diagrams if it will help. Consider offering a guarantee. Give your customers confidence that they will be ahead of the crowd. 

Tesserae’s twelve top tips to keep your customers engaged 

1. Fill the void 
design solutions that will help your customers now 
offer them the benefit of your knowledge and experience 
put together packages of products that will be useful 
produce easy guides and explainer videos. 
2. Create new solutions 
redefine your products and services to meet continuing needs 
create offers tailored to your customers 
explain how you can add value during lockdown 
re-package what you do to specifically address the current situation. 
3. Plan ahead 
don’t wait for definite dates 
review your customer’s priorities 
plan how you will be able to meet their priorities 
proactively offer your customers post-lockdown solutions. 
As always, we’re happy to discuss your requirements without charge or obligation, so please get in touch if you would like any advice. 
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